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React with GSAP causing multiple trigger on scroll and showing multiple marker

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I have a single page website where each section is a component. Every section has some animation triggered on the scroll event. Every animation in every section gets trigged twice on scroll. To debug this, I have just enabled markers one by one in every component to see what's the problem. Surprisingly what I have found that every section has repeated markers  - 2 starts and 2 ends. When first "start marker" hits the viewport center, it trigger the animation and when again the second "start marker" hits the viewport center, it trigger the animation again. 


The code is simple and there is nothing I am not doing anything fancy. As the code suggest animation brings the list item in one by one - 


        gsap.defaults({ ease: "power3" });  
        const blogListArray = gsap.utils.toArray(".blog-list-item");
        blogListArray.forEach((item, index)=> { 
            gsap.fromTo(item, {xPercent:-50*index,opacity:0},{xPercent:0,opacity:1, duration:0.5, scrollTrigger:{
                    trigger: "#section-list", 
                    toggleActions: "play none none reverse", 
                    start: 'center center', // trigger element, viewport  
                    end:"bottom center",



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Perhaps the problem is that React 18 runs in "strict" mode locally by default which causes your useEffect() to get called TWICE! Very annoying. It has caused a lot of headaches for a lot of people outside the GSAP community too.


.from() tweens use the CURRENT value as the destination and it renders immediately the value you set in the tween, so when it's called the first time it'd work great but if you call it twice, it ends up animating from the from value (no animation). It's not a GSAP bug - it's a logic thing.


For example, let's say el.x is 0 and you do this: 

useEffect(() => {
  // what happens if this gets called twice?
  gsap.from(el, {x: 100})
}, []);


The first time makes el.x jump immediately to 100 and start animating backwards toward the current value which is 0 (so 100 --> 0). But the second time, it would jump to 100 (same) and animate back to the current value which is now 100 (100 --> 100)!  See the issue?


In GSAP 3.11, we introduced a new gsap.context() feature that solves all of this for you. All you need to do is wrap your code in a context call, and then return a cleanup function that reverts things: 

// typically it's best to useLayoutEffect() instead of useEffect() to have React render the initial state properly from the very start.
useLayoutEffect(() => {
  let ctx = gsap.context(() => {
    // all your GSAP animation code here
  return () => ctx.revert(); // <- cleanup!
}, []);


One of the React team members chimed in here if you'd like more background.


We strongly recommend reading the React article at https://greensock.com/react


Happy tweening!

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