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Optimizing ScrollTrigger with 100+ triggers

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I'm currently trying to build a little portfolio page with React + GSAP + ScrollTrigger.

One of the ideas I've had is quite simple (It might sound nonsensical but I am planning to imitate a Buffer Overflow where the inserted text is quite commonly just a lot of A's):

When the user scrolls down, A's are added to my name until I reach the edge of the screen. I then plan to proceed from there but I've not gotten any further.

I've implemented the functionality as best as I knew how, however, when I launch and load the webpage, it takes quite a while until it finishes loading, with Firefox even warning me that the page is slowing down my browser.

I can't help but think that this is related to the amount of ScrollTriggers I'm using (about 125~ on my monitor) and I'm wondering if I'm just doing it in a very inefficient way. I'm quite new to both react and gsap so any pointers would be appreciated.


Thank you for your help.


Here is the stackblitz (You might have to edit the code by inserting a variable on a random line [let a = 'a'] to get stackblitz to refresh if it only shows you one trigger. You can also force it by changing overflowCounter on line 106 to, say, 200.):


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About an hour after posting this, it dawned on me that I was more than likely going about this in a very convoluted way.

Your solution is brilliant, simple, and elegant. I'm sure I can make this work with some fiddling.


Thank you so much, this is exactly what I'm looking for!

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