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ScrollSmoother & Absolute Positioning/Stacked Elements

samwatts1988 test
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I'm just getting my head into ScrollSmoother (looks awesome) and I'm attempting to incorporate this into a project I'm working on, which features two absolutely positioned full width and height sections which are layered over the top of one another using z-indexing. 


The idea is to transition one section upwards until it's no longer in the viewport and reveal the other section which is layered beneath it. I've got a bit of previous basic GSAP knowledge and have managed to get this part working, however when I introduce ScrollSmoother it appears to break the upwards animation which no longer seems to run. 


I believe I've set ScrollSmoother up as per the docs, so it'd be great to see if there's something I might have missed in the setup here or any pointers that might get me moving in the right direction again. All advice greatly appreciate, basically! 


I've included a minimal demo on CodePen. If you comment the ScrollSmoother in and out you'll be able to recreate the issue I've encountered. 


Many thanks in advance for any help provided here!






See the Pen wvxmzVL by samwatts1988 (@samwatts1988) on CodePen

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