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Can't deploy to Vercel - 403 Forbidden Error

mmetahero test
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I'm trying to deploy my app to vercel. I tried with these two tutorials:




I keep getting error like below:

error An unexpected error occurred: "https://npm.greensock.com/@gsap%2fshockingly/-/shockingly-3.11.4.tgz: Request failed \"403 Forbidden\"".


To summarize what I did:

1. Installed gsap shockingly package with command below:

npm install gsap@npm:@gsap/shockingly

2. Created ".npmrc" file in the root dir of my project with content like below:


3. Set up environment variables in the Vercel project using commands below:

vercel env add NPM_RC production < ~/.npmrc
vercel env add NPM_RC preview < ~/.npmrc
vercel env add NPM_RC development < ~/.npmrc


4. Verified in Vercel that ENVs are indeed created with correct values


5. Initialized deploy.


To be clear installing locally works as intended. 


Please help :(




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I managed to deploy GSAP Shockingly to Vercel using yarn and have posted a solution on the link below. Might be worth checking for users who don't want to switch their projects over to npm.



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