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gsap 3d draggable slider snap

iotron test
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Hello, I have created this 3d slider for a landing page. I am trying to implement a snap to centre function for the cards so that one card is always at the centre at all times. Any example on how to proceed? Most of the examples work on horizontal loop function. Any idea of how to implement this layout in horizontal loop function would also work. Thank you.

See the Pen poKEgzZ by iotronlab (@iotronlab) on CodePen

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We love helping with GSAP-related questions, but unfortunately we just don't have the resources to provide free general consulting and logic troubleshooting. This is a bit beyond the scope of help we can provide, sorry. Of course anyone else is welcome to post an answer if they'd like - we just want to manage expectations.  


You are welcome to post in the "Jobs & Freelance" forum for paid consulting, or contact us directly. 

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