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ScrollTrigger manual refresh with ScrollSmoother causes unwanted jumps

BenjaminO test
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Hello @GreenSock,


I remarked that manually refreshing ScrollTrigger with a ScrollSmoother instance could cause unwanted jumps. In the demo, when adding a div to the DOM, the viewport jumps to top then scrolling back to current position 😅


Is there a practical way to fix this issue ? Many thanks in advance for your help.


PS: I made a small video about it here also = https://mega.nz/folder/3g4TASYD#z0sdpbAvSK2sWbUYQsYIgQ


See the Pen MWGrxze by benjamOD2 (@benjamOD2) on CodePen

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Hey there, thanks for flagging - what browser are you using? I'm not getting the same behaviour in chrome/mac

FYI - I've removed the first scrollTrigger refresh - (not sure what the purpose of that one was). I also renamed your start var to 'test' because that confused me a little!

See the Pen ZEjQVjR?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen





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I tested on Chrome / Safari and Firefox with a Mac (MacOS Ventura). The problem is that ScrollTrigger is not refreshed when adding element to the DOM or when a div is resized, especially on Mobile (maybe because of the ScrollSmoother option ignoreMobileResize: true ?). That's the reason why I needed to refresh ScrollTrigger manually in my case.


The scroll from top to current position is only happening on desktop (not mobile).


Maybe there is another solution, I am open to suggestion. 


I made a new video of my case here : https://mega.nz/folder/3g4TASYD#z0sdpbAvSK2sWbUYQsYIgQ

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Hm, I cannot replicate on any browser. I tried Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on MacOS Ventura and all performed just fine. Is there a secret to replicating? I wonder if you've got an old version cached? Would you mind clearing your cache please and letting us know what steps to take to reproduce the problem? 

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