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pixi.js and Glitch filter animations

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Hey, I'm trying to animate Glitch Filter from PIXI.Filters with this code:


let new PixiFilters.GlitchFilterslices0, offset20, seed0, blue0, 0, red0, 0, green0, 0
to, duration0.2,
   pixired0, 0,
      green0, 0,
      blue0, 0,

But i get this error:

Glitch {uniformBindCount: 0, program: Program, uniformGroup: UniformGroup, disposeRunner: Runner, padding: 0, …} 'is not a DisplayObject or PIXI was not found. PixiPlugin.registerPIXI(PIXI);'


I've also registered PIXI plugin for gsap. Is still supported plugin for pixi?

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Is really hard for us to troubleshoot without a minimal demo. The code snippet you provide is not enough for us to identify any issue.


As far as I know the PIXI Plugin should work as expected, although I understand that some PIXI filters may behave and work in different ways, so I don't know if the current state of the plugin covers every single PIXI filter.


Happy Tweening!

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