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Gsap Image Reveal Animation Horizontally

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The effect works on all areas simultaneously. I need to get this to work only on the visible part. Also the animation goes up and down and then the picture appears. I have to do this so that it only comes up and the image is visible. Would you help me with this topic?

See the Pen ZERqWVo by mrtsiradisi (@mrtsiradisi) on CodePen

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There isn't really a way to target a specific :after it seems with the CSSrulePlugin. I would advise to just make an extra div and animate that.


Here is your pen with some tweaks and my attempts at scoping the :after element, but with no luck. I did how ever update your GSAP tools to their latest version. 


See the Pen eYKPdov?editors=0011 by mvaneijgen (@mvaneijgen) on CodePen

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