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Reveal each section title with GSAP

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I created a simple vertical scrolling page with different sections. I would like to display the title for each section with a fixed position when the section is in the viewport.


I have an issue in the first section (orange). The position of the title is broken. I'm not sure but perhaps it's related to the HTML element .pin-spacer.


I'm new in GSAP and not really sure that my code is ok with what I'm trying to achieve. Any help would much appreciated, thanks.

See the Pen XWYqqPx by mathieupreaud (@mathieupreaud) on CodePen

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Thanks a lot @Rodrigo!


Last question, I promise. As you can see on the codepen, the reveal transition for each section title works in relation with the scroll position of the element in viewport. For example if you stop scrolling the section, the animation will be also in pause. How could we trigger the transform and opacity animation in more simple way? Meaning, when the user scrolls to a section, the title is revealed or hidden automatically.

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