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Blob Morph using morph svg

sohe test
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Hi everyone,


long time fan and first time poster, I had the following question regarding svg morph, when my two shapes are morphing you can see a harsh outline of the svg viewbox is there a way to avoid this?


I am also trying to trigger this animation on scroll using scrolltrigger - would anyone be kind of enough to advise me of best practices of using morph and scrolltrigger together in react?


Attached is a codepen demo.


Thank you for your help and amazing product.

See the Pen ZEReLZy by Scanton (@Scanton) on CodePen

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Hi @sohe and welcome to the GreenSock forums!


First, thank you for being a Club GreenSock member and supporting GSAP! 🥳


I believe that the issue lies on the size of your filter, perhaps make it the size of your SVG and give your SVG element a viewport so there is some mark of reference for that as well. Unfortunately SVG is not something I excell at so I couldn't give you a proper answer. @Cassie and @PointC on the other hand, are GSAP's resident SVG wizards and they could enlighten us regarding this particular subject.


Finally keep in mind that SVG filters are super expensive and in something as big as this you might run into performance issues. While this works fine on Chrome, on Firefox I can actually here the CPU fan going faster, which tells me that the CPU is under a bit of stress because of it, so tread carefully with SVG filters, especially in those sizes.


Happy Tweening!

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