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typescript errors in gsap.matchMedia()

BenjaminO test
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I have the following typescript errors for isMobile and isDesktop in gsap.matchMedia():


const isDesktop: any

property 'isDesktop' doesn't exists on type 'Conditions | undefined'.ts(2339)


  const mm = gsap.matchMedia()
    { isMobile: '(max-width: 766px)', isDesktop: '(min-width: 767px)' },
    (context) => {
      const { isMobile, isDesktop } = context.conditions // error ts 2339


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I'm far from being a TS expert or even competent at it, but in your code snippet where are you passing the types declaration for isMobile and isDesktop?


Those should be booleans as far as I can tell.


Right now I'm using my phone so I can't check, but I'm pretty sure that you can create a TS example in either codesanbox or replit.com and set up a minimal demo that we can take a look at.


Happy Tweening!

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@BenjaminO that is typed like this in the definitions file: 

interface Conditions {
  [key: string]: boolean;

Which as I understand it allows for ANY key. Am I missing something? I'm not aware of any other way to do this, but let us know if you have a suggestion.  Keep in mind that isDesktop and isMobile are completely arbitrary names - users can pick any name they want for any condition, so we cannot pre-define any particular names on the Conditions object. 

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I think the problem is related to the interface Context below :

  interface Context {
    [key: string]: any;
    selector?: Function;
    isReverted: boolean;
    conditions?: Conditions; // no problem without the ?
    queries?: object;
    add(methodName: string, func: Function, scope?: Element | string | object): Function;
    add(func: Function, scope?: Element | string | object): void;
    ignore(func: Function): void;
    kill(revert?: boolean): void;
    revert(config?: object): void;
    clear(): void;

The thing is that the different conditions (isMobile, isDesktop in my case) are typed ANY because they inherit from a union type of gsap.Conditions | undefined because of the ?. The undefined type is causing the error here so conditions should be mandatory IMHO.

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