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How can I make card elements draggable?

Nemanja Pavlovic test
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Hello @Nemanja Pavlovic


With GSAP's Draggbale it's as simple as creating a Draggable for each of your cards and using the header of each card as the trigger for the Draggable.


See the Pen PoexGLj by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen




From the docs:


trigger [Element | String | Object] - If you want only a certain area to trigger the dragging (like the top bar of a window) instead of the entire element, you can define a child element as the trigger, like trigger: yourElement, trigger: "#topBar", or trigger: $("#yourID"). You may define the trigger as an element or a selector string, or a jQuery object.




If you want your Draggables to also be throwable (like it looks to be the case on that website you linked) you will need to include the InertiaPlugin, which is a Bonus Plugin for Club-Greensock members of the ShockinglyGreen tier and above.



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