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scrolltrigger PIN issue in react

chinnmay test
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Hello @chinnmay


That appears to be a problem with React's StrictMode and how it handles things from React 18.0 on.


You should definitely check out gsap.context(), which was added in GSAP 3.11 


There is a demo for use with React on the very bottom of that docs page





This is your example working with that.






And if you want to read more about how and why the StrictMode in React 18 makes things problematic, check out this thread.





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Welcome to the GSAP Forum, karnan.


Your question really sounds like it is not related to this topic, so please create a new thread for your request.

As a little hint upfront:

There are endless possibilities for what could have gone wrong for you, so you'll likely need to provide some more information than you just did here, for somebody to be able to help you.

In the meantime you can trawl the forum to see if maybe there already is a thread that can help you out with your problem.

These here are the most recent search results with regard to vercel.




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