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scroolsmoother : translate Y in visible viewport is not 0

Sismeo test
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Thank for scrollsmoother implementation, it's really cool.

I notice the position of the animated divs with scrollsmoother (data-speed)  are not positioned to 0. So i can't align divs with different height in the viewport when the page is not scrolled. It's not really problematic after scrolling. But i need to design precisely my headings and visual in top of the page.


I've done a pen to be more precise (i hope i am)



So in this exemple i think all box should be top aligned cause we don't have scroll yet.
the Yposition also change depending to the window height.



See the Pen ZEoogJb by Hioudje (@Hioudje) on CodePen

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  • Sismeo changed the title to scroolsmoother : translate Y in visible viewport is not 0

Hi there - this is a design decision - all items will be at their correct alignment when they hit the middle of the browser window.

However, this does mean that if the elements are already in view then their animation is 'in progress' at the time the page loads. This isn't always ideal.

I'd suggest using a scrollTriggered timeline for elements about the fold. Like so -

See the Pen jOxKbxv?editors=1010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Does this work for you/help your situation?



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Hi @Sismeo


Thank you for the clear demo. I spent some time exploring this and couldn't quite explain exactly why things were appearing this way.




Ah, this seems to be the missing nugget!


2 hours ago, Cassie said:

all items will be at their correct alignment when they hit the middle of the browser window


Thanks for that!


One of the bigger things I couldn't wrap my head around was why taller items with the same speed as other items were moved in seemingly weird places. Now that I know that everything has to be in it's "native" position when it hits the center of the screen all of this makes much more sense.


I created a new pen that hopefully clearly illustrates this behavior for others. Probably best viewed in it's own, taller window.


See the Pen vYjrKWX?editors=1100 by snorkltv (@snorkltv) on CodePen


Also a little tip for everyone that doesn't want to go crazy. If you have codepen configured to auto-update (no run button) it seems that some css changes will be updated on the fly but it's not a real reload as the ScrollTriggers will not refresh and update. I strongly recommend disabling the auto-update when working with ScrollTrigger in codepen. Thought I was going nuts for a bit.



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Thanks @Cassie, in state this solution solve my problem.

and thanks @Carl taking time for explanations and support ;)


@GreenSock great to update, i spend some time finding the reason. i think adding a tiny parameter in smoothscrooler could be great, cause the @Cassie solution is actually a bit tricky and approximative.



Thanks Superheroes !
Great Job

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Yes it look really better (for me at least).


The last point is that in comparaison with scroolsmoother the Ytranslation continue updating outside the view. i don't really know if it has a big performance influence.

I've try replacing the 'end' value to avoid it.

end: "max" => "+=${window.innerHeight * 1}",

It do the job, but finaly Y calculation is not good.

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