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Installing gsap on AWS beanstalk

intothebreach test
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Hi all,


During deploy using Elastic Beanstalk the instance runs npm install --production.


We end up with the following error:

npm ERR! request to https://npm.greensock.com/@gsap%2fbusiness failed, reason: certificate has expired

I have an .npmrc file included with our authToken as specified in the CI/CD section.
We have tried manually adding the details to the .npmrc file using the .ebextensions but we have the same issue.


This is driving me a little mad and not sure how to resolve.



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Hi there, oh man. what a pain.


I haven't got experience with Elastic Beanstalk, but don't you worry - we'll get to the bottom of this. Sorry about the issues. Sometimes certain tools make private modules a bit difficult.

Is this a new problem? Have you managed to deploy before or is this the first time you're attempting it?

There's this stack overflow link which may be of use - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24993092/how-to-use-a-private-npm-registry-on-elastic-beanstalk

Also tagging in our resident expert @Prasanna

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Hi there! Thanks for replying.

Yeah tried each item on that. I'm not convinced its an issue with having the access token in correctly - we have the .npmrc in the root, also tried manually adding it in a hook before the npm install runs (the answer from 2021 seems more relevant but neither work, same CERT issue). Also, it doesn't seem to be a permissions issue - Or we would be getting a 403 instead of a cert issue?

Very confusing?

Thanks for any help on this.


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Hello @Cassie, @intothebreach my apologies for the late reponse. I was cross checking all my configurations and tests before answering the question.

I checked all the certificates and server configuration, everything seems to be good at our end. By any chance, could there be a possibility of a firewall preventing communication outside the elastic beanstalk container? (also is port 443 open?)


Alternatively, @intothebreach I would be happy to live debug the issue over google meet as well if you'd be up for it.



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Hi @Prasanna

Thanks for checking! Good point on the 443 port. I checked and its not on the inbound rules for that security group - going to add it now and see how that works with the security group as the source - if that doesn't work I'll open it up a bit more to see if that works.

If I keep getting stuck I'll let you know and can schedule a call.

Many thanks,


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  • 3 weeks later...

To keep people posted - I've had to move on with this project in order to hit deadlines, so I used an EC2 instance and wasn't able to create a build pipeline for it.

On our next AWS project I'll look to try this out again and see if I can get this going with elastic beanstalk and will update here if anything goes well.

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