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Horizontal Scroll Error

Luca Knoop test
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Hello GS community,


I am currently programming my portfolio website and ran into some issues with the horizontal scroll feature of gsap.


In the demo you can see where I try to display a horizontal scroll with only the images.
(In this case I implementet a random logo (Qries) of the internet several times to the demo)


The div "hs-container1", which includes all the text layers, should stay in place while scrolling but the images should move to the left.


It seems that something is working, because the markes seem to show pretty right...


I dont know why this wont work in my case. I watched the Tutorial of the official gsap team to build my layout. But it doesnt work.


I hope someone of you could help me :)


Thanks and best regards

Luca Knoop



See the Pen MWVNQZd by Lucaknoop (@Lucaknoop) on CodePen

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