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A Problem with Flip onEnter

ywlee test
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Hi everyone!

As shown in the codepen, the .container2 [data-flip-id=sq2] didn't get to the elements for onEnter when there is an element(display : none) with the same [data-flip-id] in the previous state, is this a bug?

Thanks in advance!


EDIT:  The codepen is now using the latest beta version of Flip, so it looks perfect now.

See the Pen BargrGa by ywlee (@ywlee) on CodePen

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Sorry I didn't make it clear

I expect that element to be passed to onEnter callback and have a fade in effect in the codepen, since for the flip-id=sq2  there is no positioning data in the previous state but it appears in the final state

But in the codepen, it get flipped from the top left corner instead of fading in

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Hm, I think I see what you mean now. It's because you've got a swapping state and those are never considered entering/leaving but I can see why you could make an argument that if one side is invisible (display: none), it should be considered entering/leaving. I'll have to see if this causes other problems, but I just updated the beta version that's on CodePen with that change and it seems to work fine in your demo (you may need to clear your cache). 



Is that what you're looking for? 


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