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Animating the value of a progress bar with gsap.from not working as expected

cselin test
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I've got a lot of progress bars on a page that I am animating as they appear with scrollTrigger. I would like to use from() to just tell them all to animate from 0 up to their value. However, this doesn't seem to work - it results in progress bars with their value set to 0. 


The codepen is as simple as I can get it! 


I'm aware I could also do something like :

<progress value="58" max="100" data-value="58"> 58% </progress>

And pair it with

gsap.fromTo(this.progressTargets, { value: 0 }, {
  value: function (index, target) {
    var value = target.dataset.value;
    return value;
  stagger: 0.25,
  duration: 1.5,

But it feels like I'm adding unnecessary cruft into the html markup. 

Does value need to be used in a different way to other properties? I can tween it using fromTo() with no problem if I define the values, it just seems to not work as I'd expect with from(). 

See the Pen wvmRLVX by cselin (@cselin) on CodePen

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