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ScrollSmoother and mobile browsers

BenjaminO test
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Hello @GreenSock, I know that the subject has already been discussed many times but I think it is needed in order to improve the ScrollSmoother plugin. As far as I know, the annoying behavior of showing/hiding of the address bar on mobile browsers can't be avoided with the plugin activated. I've looked into different approaches on the web and I found a very good website (https://anatoletouvron.fr/about) that prevent the address bar from showing/hiding all the time.


The difference I noticed is that the body height = 100% in the shared website instead of page height with ScrollSmoother (same as #smooth-content div). I tried different CSS trick without success 😅. I am sure that there is more differences and that the plugin took a different approach but it could be really nice to prevent this behavior with an option in the plugin because it destroys the UX on the webpage.

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@BenjaminO I'm so sorry for the tardy response - not sure how this slipped through the cracks. 


Yeah, the problem is that it's a totally scroll-jacked site whereas ScrollSmoother leverages NATIVE scrolling. We really tried to avoid a fully-scroll-jacked approach because you lose some accessibility, users can't see the scrollbar to know how far they have to go, and the pacing can be very different than what they're used to on "normal" web pages. 


ScrollTrigger.normalizeScroll() is a big help, but unfortunately Apple has been just terrible with their browser implementation (lots of glaring bugs and inconsistencies and thus far they have been quite unresponsive to our many requests for clarity/assistance), so on phones it seems impossible to prevent the address bar from hiding while also keeping the native scroll. We'll keep looking for the best mix of native functionality with a rich feature set, accessibility, and smoothness. I really wish we had a silver bullet. If I had to explain all the work normalizeScroll has to do in order to work around Apple-specific bugs, your eyes would glaze over. Many hundreds of hours went into just that one feature and it's still not a silver bullet. 

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Hello @GreenSock ! With the latest release of IOS 16, the address bar is not showing hiding on Safari in my project with scroll smoother (it stays visible) There is still some lags but the general UX is better. I will investigate a bit more and I planned to release my code once I’ll finish on GitHub


I can’t imagine how much work you put into this ! Thank you very much for your patience and support for us all ! 😇

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