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Flying rocket

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Hello guys, 


i'm a total newbie to this forum so i hope i'm doing this right. i tried to create a codepen link, but it just didn't worked out. 


what i want: while scrolling the page the rocket should slowly fly from bottom to top  and on click the rocket turns around flys back to the bottom and again turns around. and so on.

what my rocket does: flys from top to bottom while scrolling and i'm not able to turn it around on click.

Does anyone have an idea what i can do? 


I'm thankful for any tip 

See the Pen by pen?template=LYQOEgW (@pen?template=LYQOEgW) on CodePen

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Hey there pal! Welcome to the forums. ☺️

It would be really helpful to us if you could get this pen working (even if it's not doing what you'd like) 

Just get rid of the console errors for us and make sure the JS is running. I've added in the right plugins in the JS panel for ya.

See the Pen rNJYLbo?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

When it's working I'm sure someone will be able to jump in and help.

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Thank you! 

The rotation on click how i wanted it to be! *-*
But if you scroll down the page the rocket should fly from the clouds to the planet, and on click the page scrolls up and the rocket flys back to the clouds and spinns again.


Do you know what i mean? 

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  • Solution

Well sure, you could do it the other way round, but you wouldn't really see it?

See the Pen NWyYNjB by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


start Number - The position along the path at which to start, where 0 is the beginning and 1 is the end and 0.5 is the middle. It can be any positive or negative decimal number. For example, 0.3 would start the element at the 30% point along the curve. Default is 0.


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