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Fix for my ScrollTrigger/barba/locomotive scroll issue

Mattrudd test
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Hi there,


I'm looking for help to complete a project - my freelance portfolio.


It's a two-page framework I'm building to showcase my creative work.


I'm seriously stuck - have been learning javascript, GSAP and now barba from scratch, and just can't seem to find a solution, despite reading through the amazing forum here and receiving some direct help.


It's highly likely that I've not set up my timelines and ScrollTriggers fully as they should be!


I've read and watched pretty much every tutorial out there about how to combine ScrollTrigger, Locoscroll and Barba, but can't figure out how and where to implement the necessary inits and kills to make sure that everything works as it should in combination.


Here's the project so far: https://stackblitz.com/edit/web-platform-naq1gl?file=js/app.js


The specifics of what I'm looking for:

  1. The timeline on the index page working fully
  2. The loader in and away transition working when link to subpage is clicked (no real issues here at this stage!)
  3. The subpage pinned sidebar timeline working on both first load (it only currently works after a manual page refresh) and subsequent loads as barba.js replaces the container in the DOM.
  4. Some brief annotations to explain what changes were made to the JS/hooks/views etc to get this functional.


My budget for this is around $100 dollars, as I believe this fix isn't a big/long job for someone well-versed in these three libraries.


Thanks in advance - I'd HUGELY appreciate a fix for this.

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