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Create a Film Scroll effect with scrub

Ramzdam test
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I would like to create an animation like the link below. If possible I want it to be like a film scrolling like in cinema or something. Can someone please let me the how to create this kind of animation? The hard part is the top and bottom mini thumbnail getting position like what is shown. I'm not sure what should I use if I should use a scrub or is my HTML structure wrong and will not help achieving the animation I expect.



See the Pen OJzqWpO by madz-ullang (@madz-ullang) on CodePen

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4 hours ago, GreenSock said:

That looks like something that isn't really driven by a true scroll at all - it's likely just listening for events (wheel/touch/pointer) to trigger animations. You could use Observer for that, sorta like this demo: 




Good luck!

Guess you're right about this. I encountered an issue with the scroll scrub. Specially when I try to scroll really fast it plays the animation based on the number of scrolled item which is not what I want. Seems that Observer is the way to go. Thanks 

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