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Create an Amazing, Bombastic, Funky Landing Page animation for our website

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Hey guys,


We're looking for an extremely talented animator to create a gsap based scroll animation (with scrolltrigger or scrollsmoother maybe) for our site.




We really want something to stand out, catch the eye - without making the site slow, so performance must be optimised.


Willing to pay professional rate - please include a portfolio with your application.



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I am Trapti, a freelance frontend developer from India. Below are my details. 

Portfolio: http://iamtrapti.com/

Codepen Greensock collection: https://codepen.io/collection/DqPvMe

Codepen collections: https://codepen.io/tripti1410/collections/

One of my writing on SVG and animation: https://css-tricks.com/how-to-get-handwriting-animation-with-irregular-svg-strokes/ 
let's chat over email.  I like to know the details of the project. 
Email: reach.trapti@gmail.com

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