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GSAP Text Animation with Canvas

dazzafact test
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Here's a trick how you Animate Canvas Text (no HTML) using GSAP (+PixiJs)
its just an 15-minute- Code Snip. iam sure it can extend for using words and also Lines.
The advantages of animations are, that you can convert them to videos in the browser in seconds.
(to the Admins: Whould be cool if you can include Canvas Text Animation also to your offical TextSplit Plugin)

See the Pen eYyroYw?editors=1111 by dazzafact (@dazzafact) on CodePen

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  • dazzafact changed the title to GSAP Text Animation with Canvas
On 4/9/2022 at 3:15 PM, Cassie said:

You won't get the same quality though, this is progressing the timeline frame by frame, taking snapshots and then stitching them together.

 you can do it also smooth in Browser, frame by Frame. Using Client CPU 😎. (Not Server)
Just  use GSAP Seek() to capture each Frame and save all chunks for final MediaCreate  (webM,etc)

 $tl =gsap.timeline({paused:true});
$app = new PIXI.Application({})
function animate(){
if($renderx>600){return); // Duration
$sec=(1/$fps)*$renderx ||0;
chunks.push($app.view.toDataURL("image/webp", 0.50));



var blob = new Blob(chunks)
    // do something with this blob
  var vidURL = URL.createObjectURL(blob);
  var vid = document.createElement('video');
  vid.controls = true;
  vid.src = vidURL;


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