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ScrollTrigger cause subsequent element overlap/cover previous one once unpinned

nickraps test
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I use ScrollTrigger to pin an element:

 const trigger = ScrollTrigger.create({
      trigger: q('#map-pin-trigger'),
      start: '-=48px top',
      end: 'bottom center',
      pin: q('#map-container'),
      // markers: true,


However, once I scroll to the end of the trigger & it unpins, the subsequent element would be covered up by the previous unpinned item (it goes under the previous item), it looks like this (part in red square shouldn't cover up the chart):



I added a CodePen demo.


Any advices would be appreciated. Thanks. I feel it has something to do with pinSpacing but I couldn't make it work. 


If you could help me understand why this could happen that'll be great too!



See the Pen YzEXVzW by noahsong (@noahsong) on CodePen

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