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Bootstrap carousel + GSAP animation

tjefe test
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For real this time.


I have codepen above showing an animation and currently the autoplay(carousel) is disabled, what I am trying to get to happen is once the animation plays it rotates to a new slide and replays the animation.  I just need it to replay since all that will change per slide is the background image, front square image and text(swatch).


So simply just need it all to repeat and to start over once finishes.  Any help/insight?




EDIT:  I am trying to get the js as repeatable as possible since the user can have between two and four slides and I will not know how many they add so I just need a repeated animation between slides however many they add and just to restart until the user leaves this screen.

See the Pen YzrzpbV by tjefe (@tjefe) on CodePen

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Hi tjefe,


Why do you have ScrollTrigger in there? And please see the forum guidelines, as we try to keep these forums focused on GSAP-specific questions. We don't have to resources to help with out logic issues and integration with third party tools. That said, I'll take a look at it, but first you need to make a minimal demo. So maybe just include a simple animation with a box. There is no need for anything other animations or hundreds of lines of HTML and CSS.


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