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GSAP tween not working on Adobe Animate CC movieclip with timeline animation

mark.tingson test
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Hi all,


I'm having issues with a simple GSAP3 tween code that I use inside an Adobe Animate banner. 


I have a movieclip that has a simple scaling animation that uses Adobe Timeline. Now, I want that movieclip to scale using GSAP 3 so I wrote a code right after the Timeline animation.


The issue is that, the GSAP3 tween doesn't work but it only works when the code is in the last frame of the Adobe Timeline. 


I've also tried adding overwrite: true but it doesn't work.. I thought maybe I am missing some options that I need to add on my GSAP3 tween. 


You can check out my simple demo file attached.


Thanks in advance!

GSAP 3 Scale.zip

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Your download doesn't seem to be working, but if I remember correctly (and I haven't used Adobe Animate in many years), it won't let you animate the same object with Adobe animations AND script-based ones. It kinda makes sense because if you think about replaying that Adobe timeline it'd have to force the values back from whatever they were scripted to. It's sorta like you can't have two things that are both telling the same object to do different things to the same property. So pick one or the other. 


This definitely seems more like an Adobe question than a GSAP one - you might want to ask the Adobe community. We're happy to answer any GSAP-specific questions here, though. 

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