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Draggable range timeline with varying container size

jackkemm test
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Hi there,


I am hoping someone can help with a draggable and timeline issue I am having.


I have reached out previously, which worked in the most part, and the resize event listener does keep the timeline and draggable progress in sync:


My new issue here is the timeline container and range needs to be responsive on resize due to the change in content and layout.


I was wondering the best way to go about this. In my codepen attached you'll see I have added the timeline to the updateMapper function, but this causes the timeline to break and the range/draggable becomes unresponsive 😕.


Any ideas would be welcome please. Ideally i'll have a way to update just the timelines y value on resize. I don't want to put the user back to the begginging on resize either as some of the timelines can be quite long.


Thanks in advance :)



See the Pen RwVQaGG?editors=1010 by jackkemm (@jackkemm) on CodePen

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