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Horizontal scroll for section properly not working

Vijay Seetaram Raju test
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Hey hi, I am completely new to GSAP world, i am trying to learn many things from forum and gsap -demo, and trying from today. this trail is about horizontal scroll, have tried from demos, my plan is to achieve scroll some thing like this  


what-we-do   ->  work-sec  ->   about  


                                                           contact section


but after (what-we-do) section, background colors of all sections are disappearing!!

have achieved horizontal scroll but its not in a proper way,  


Please check my code and let me know where did i missed things??

See the Pen QWgReNN by weavertext (@weavertext) on CodePen

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Welcome to the forums @Vijay Seetaram Raju


All your panels are block elements, which makes them appear stacked vertically. If you want some horizontal fake-scrolling, you will first have to style things properly - e.g. use flex on a container surrounding all those sections you want to scroll horizontally, as in this follwoing pen.


See the Pen 58790bb6cbb8f64ebfef48b36bbee36c by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen


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