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scrollTrigger stuck/bounces for ios

ayush12 test
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In the given like you can see that the scroll animation gets stuck for ios. Working fine of android. Below is my code.

Here is the site link : https://animationstest.vercel.app/work


I am also attaching the video for your reference :


	useEffect(() => {
		const boxes = gsap.utils.toArray('.Work-info');
		boxes.forEach(box => {
			gsap.from(box, {
				scrollTrigger: box,
				y: 100,
				duration: 1.2,
				opacity: 0,
	}, []);


See the Pen by work (@work) on CodePen

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  • ayush12 changed the title to scrollTrigger stuck/bounces for ios

We can't effectively troubleshoot a live site (there are way too many factors and it's impossible to tweak things and see the effects) - if you need help, please provide a minimal demo in something like CodePen or CodeSandbox and we'd be happy to take a look. 


I'm curious - did you try removing ScrollTrigger from the equation and see if it fixes anything? I suspect you've got a CSS-related issue that has nothing to do with GSAP/ScrollTrigger. 

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