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Anchor ScrollTo links are not working with ScrollTrigger

Ronak test
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I am trying to use ScrollTo in conjunction with ScrollTrigger. I have attached a basic Codepen demo. The horizontal slider works fine on Scroll, but when there are sections above/below GSAP panels, ScrollTo doesn't seem to work as expected.


I am sure I am missing some basics. Could any one of you please help?

See the Pen WNOvPwZ by ronakbhhagdev (@ronakbhhagdev) on CodePen

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Hey @Ronak - welcome to the forum.


This thread here explains, that since the scrollduration and the amount of x-translation on your scrollTrigger and its tween are not equal, there is an offset that you will need to include into your calculations in a scenario as such.





In your case that would translate to this - hope it helps :) 


A sidenote:

Since the calculations are relying on window.innerWidth, I set your body to a width of 100vw (alongside overflow-x: hidden to hide the scrollbar) to make the calculations correct to begin with.


navLis.forEach((anchor, i) => {
  anchor.addEventListener("click", function (e) {
    const targetElem = document.querySelector(e.target.getAttribute("href"));

    const containerOffset = panelsSection.offsetTop + ( targetElem.offsetLeft * (3500 / (document.querySelector(".container").offsetWidth - window.innerWidth)) );
    gsap.to(window, {
      scrollTo: {
        y: containerOffset,
        autoKill: false
      duration: 1


See the Pen c8dfc86b181211b00af3071b84bd92f0 by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen


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