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Why are my timelines not isolating?

Elindo test
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Do I need to wrap them in some sort of brackets?   If so, how do I do that?


The timing and sequence for each timeline is now exactly how I wanted it.


I added  overwrite:true for each timeline, so it would kill any conflicts with other timelines.

and I added .kill() for each button so it would kill the other buttons.

var start = gsap.timeline ({paused:true, overwrite: true});
btnstop.onclick = () => 


The problem is that the buttons and timelines are not killing the actions of previous timelines, even after I added specific details to do this job.. 


ALSO, for some reason the timelines are working only once per each loading of the page... 




See the Pen xxrbWyY by Elindo586 (@Elindo586) on CodePen

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