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Click Animation On Array Index i Overwrite Issue

AkhilRaja test
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we can play animations when we click on the Nav "Slides 1 2 3..." and i want it to start as Slides[0]  index array element that is Slide A as already Played or Finished animation, and then we can click on Nav slides to play the animation

the issue im having is, i want when i click on Slide 2 3 4 or 5 it  should Overwrite gsap.set property Slides[0] by GSAPSlideTL

or in other words Slides[0] is not working when click animation to play GSAPSlideTL

thank you

See the Pen oNWMjRL?editors=0010 by AkhilRaja (@AkhilRaja) on CodePen

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35 minutes ago, OSUblake said:

Not sure I fully understand your question, but you probably shouldn't be making an animation just for the initial state.





Thank you @OSUblake 😊 you did understand and did what exactly i was trying to achieve.

        if (!i) {
            ActiveElement = GSAPSlideTL;
        this.ActiveTL = GSAPSlideTL;


This code make it worked 🎉 thank you GSAP Team 😊

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