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ScrollTrigger.batch. When y:0 is specified, it is set to (0,50%)

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Apparently I found a bug. It's really, really weird. So weird that I doubt it's even a bug. I tried to find a mention of this bug on Google, but I found nothing.

I actually recorded this bug on video:



but here is the text version:
If you specify a font size of 2.8vw (in other sizes it happens too, but with a different probability) and a screen width of 600px, the 'y:0' animation will be executed as 'transform: translate(0%, -50%)'

Here's the code


How can this be?


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Yeah, believe it or not that's actually not a bug :)



Add this to the top of your code:

gsap.set(".anim", {x: 0, y: -10, xPercent: 0, yPercent: 0});



This is why we always...ALWAYS...recommend setting your transforms explicitly via GSAP (rather than only in CSS) so that it knows exactly what your intent was plus it caches them for maximum performance. 


When GSAP parses the current transforms on an element, it has to break it down into the components (x, y, xPercent, yPercent, scaleX, scaleY, rotation, etc.) and by default all translations go into "x" and "y" EXCEPT if it's exactly -50% of the width/height because that's a common case where people intend for that to go into xPercent/yPercent instead (typically they're centering it). Remember, you can COMBINE x/y/xPercent/yPercent in GSAP for very powerful and convenient effects. 


So in your problematic scenario, you must have set it up such that it ended up being -50% of the elements' height, so it put it into the "yPercent" rather than "y".


It's a common mistake not to set the transforms via GSAP, but doing so will solve problems like this (and many others). 


Does that clear things up? 

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