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MorphSVG: Syncing multiple paths to stay connected

garyw test
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I am trying to animate a cable with a plug using MorphSVG. Morphing both the cable and plug as one path gives distorted results, so I separated them.  However, they do not animate together correctly.  How can I sync these animations so that the plug stays on the end of the cable?


I have two more of these types of animations that I need to build.


Please see my codepen.

See the Pen poeEjMM by og-elmonty (@og-elmonty) on CodePen

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55 minutes ago, garyw said:

Morphing both the cable and plug as one path gives distorted results


The cable animation would probably look better if the both paths have the same number of control points.


Keeping the plug in sync with the cable will probably be a little more complicated, and might involve using onUpdate to manually position and rotate it, but maybe someone else has a simpler solution.



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Yep, I definitely think it'd help to match the quantity of points. Keeping the plug in sync could be a matter of changing the transformOrigin (rotation was throwing you off) and adjusting the x/y: 

See the Pen OJpRxBR?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


(obviously I didn't match the number of points in that CodePen - I was just intending to show you the transformOrigin and coordinate thing). 

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19 minutes ago, garyw said:

I have made the number of anchor points the same in the start and ending paths


Well, not only anchor points, but bezier control points. See all those v's and h's in the paths. Those are just straight lines.

<path id="cable3" d="M339.5,29.1h0a16.6,16.6,0,0,0-16.7,16.6v84.1a9.6,9.6,0,0,1-9.6,9.6h0a9.6,9.6,0,0,1-9.6-9.6V74.3"/>


You want to have c's in the path because those will be bezier curves that will morph a little smoother. The start path should look similar to this, but of course with different coordinates.


<path id="cable3end" opacity="0.4" d="M44.2,7.5l12.3.4c18.3.4,34.6,10.7,41.4,27.7C113.2,74.4,148,97,184.8,101.1c35.3,3.9,72.6-9.1,96.4-41.3,13.2-19.1,34.9-30.9,58.1-30.7"/>


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You're just going to have play around with it until you find the right look. You can also add in intermediate steps to help, like with keyframes.


gsap.to('#cable3', {
  keyframes: [
    {morphSVG: { shape:'#path1' }},
    {morphSVG: { shape:'#path2' }},
  	{morphSVG: { shape:'#path3' }},


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