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Right to left horizontal scroll support

davsev test
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  • davsev changed the title to Right to left horizontal scroll support


Hey @davsev - welcome to the forums.


You also find an RTL-solution for a fake-horizontal scrolling ScrollTrigger like that one @Cassie pointed you to in this thread here





I gave it a shot trying to rework that pen to a native RTL-scroll with scrubbing ScrollTriggers and a mousewheel-scrolljack implemented like you have in your example, but I just had to rewire my brain and think the other way around when it came to the animations and start and end of the ScrollTriggers - because in the end the sections are in the DOM in the same order as in the HTML markup - I think this might not be the easiest to wrap your head around. Maybe @GreenSock can say something about RTL-support for ScrollTrigger?


See the Pen 92b6f43b7afa569e6a02ceb87248b83f by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen


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