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TransformManager Not Working In Child Swf

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Hello all,


I was unable to find anyone else with this issue, so chances are it is something I am doing, but I am writing this in hopes that someone else has found and fixed this issue.


I made an app that uses TransformManager, and it works perfectly fine. Then when I load that swf into my main site, it will give me the appropriate cursors (like the TweenManager four-arrow move cursor), but it will not let me actually transform the items. Also the TweenMax cursors will stick to my mouse and not let go once I have clicked on an TransformItem. So essentially, it completely breaks down when loaded into another swf.


Flash 10, AS3, Gaia Framework (for main site).

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Hm, I can't seem to reproduce that issue - I just subloaded a swf that uses TransformManager and it worked great. I wonder if it's a Gaia thing or maybe a security issue with subloading from another domain. Are you loading from another domain without a crossdomain.xml file in place?

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