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How to make a seamless marquee / scroller loop?

sashaikevich test
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I recall seeing a nice marquee example, but I can't track it down. Undoubtedly this is a common use-case for a horizontal marquee / scroller (logos, testimonials, etc.). 


I'd like the beginning of the next animation to trail the end of the one that's about to end. As it is, I have a space between the two.


Please point me to the example, or check out my code and codepen below:


    repeat: -1,
    defaults: {
      ease: "none",
      x: (i, el) => innerWidth * i
      x: (i, el, t) => -innerWidth * (t.length - i ),
      duration: d,


See the Pen abNMQyg?editors=1010 by sashaikevich (@sashaikevich) on CodePen

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