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If you start with a large graphic, make it 1/4 or 1/5 of its original size by resizing, it will have jagged edges, and lose some clarity.

Resampling is what a program like photoshop performs by default when an image is resized.

Here is an example I put up:



I am still new to flash, so I don't even know if there are resampling functions available/flash is capable of it, I have yet to find any in my searches. This was just a long shot.

I can use phpthumb when initially loading the image to resample, it would just be nice to have smoother resizing of the image take place.


This isn't a TransformManager specific issue, but flash in general for me when using the scale function. I was curious if anyone else here had experience with this, if this is outside the realm of the forum I apologize.

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Oh, I believe you're talking about turning "smoothing" on for that image/graphic. There are a few ways to do it. If it's in your FLA's library, just right-click on the image (I'd recommend using PNGs), choose properties, and check the checkbox that says "smoothing" or "enable smoothing". If you're loading it dynamically, you have two choices:


1) Try wrapping it in a Bitmap() object and set the smoothing property to true.


2) Create a BitmapData and make sure its smoothing property is set to true via the constructor (see the Flash help docs for more info). Then draw() your image to that BitmapData and attach it to a Bitmap and work with it that way.


Basically, make sure smoothing is true for your object and it'll scale much better.

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