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How to Create a superb vertical Marquee that pause at intervals.

uzisky test
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Hello, first timer and a newbie here.

I've been trying to create a vertical Marquee that scrolls vertically with pauses at interval that works exactly like this:


But I've been hitting a road block. Your help is appreciated.

See the Pen ZEGNpGq by enuzo (@enuzo) on CodePen

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Hello @ZachSaucier, thanks for your response. The problem is how to have the items scroll vertically in a seamless loop and how to make each item pause for lets say 2 seconds, then scroll to the next item, then pause again ...on and on just like the first example on this page.

This is what the current code code looks like:

var tl = gsap.timeline();
tl.to(".item", {y: "-=50", duration: 2});

I tried this:

var tl = gsap.timeline();
tl.to(".item", {y: "-=50", duration: 2, repeat: -1, repeatDelay: 2});

and this without successes:

var tl = gsap.timeline({repeat: -1, repeatDelay: 2});
tl.to(".item", {y: "-=50", duration: 2});
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