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Global not showing in Actions panel

Michael Marian test
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Hi Zach and Osu,

The company I work for is just signing a license agreement for the company to use Greensock for our animators and web teams. 

I was hired specifically for the web banner animations as I have a background and a few awards using Adobe Animate/Flash and GSAP. I believe I used the the AS3 version of GSAP and of course the Javascript flavor. 

I discovered that the Global panel is not visible for some of the formats available through Adobe Animate. In one case I want to use the video output of Adobe Amimate for MP4s. But also HTML5. 

I'm figuring things out. Currently if you use GSAP Javascript, there's an issue for outputing to Video whereas AS3 Actionscript works. 

Anyway. That's what I got so far.


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Yup there is no video export for JavaScript animations created in Animate because they run in a web browser. Best you can do is record your screen using ScreenFlow, camtasia or whatever your OS supports. 

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