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ScrollTrigger plugin not responding

soja test
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Hi guys, this might sound funny but I can't get the scrollTrigger plugin to work and I think it has to do with the warning message I got in the console

👉   "" Invalid property scrollTrigger set to {trigger: ".header", pin: true, start: "top top"}Object Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin() ""

Ofc I included the scrollTrigger plugin in the script right before any other script.

And I added gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger) as well.


PS: am still getting a hang of this amazing library :) So for everything was working so good until now

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Hey soja and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


Yep, that warning points to the issue. I'm guessing you're loading things via regular <script> tags, not using modules?


Make sure you're using a correct URL that points to ScrollTrigger (you can do that by opening the URL in your browser and seeing if the JS shows up). Make sure GSAP is loaded then ScrollTrigger then your custom scripts. 


For more info and a helpful video of how to get things setup, check out the installation page. Without seeing the page for ourselves I don't know if we can be of much help.

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Aren’t you guys just cool 😎 . I swear I had the latest version few days ago at least I thought. Just went to installation page and choose the two CDN 

Thanks guys

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