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can't find gs.utils.LiquidStage

jodiW test
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hello, all


this may seem like areally silly question, but i have been trying to work with this -


import gs.utils.LiquidStage;///import liquid stage class


and i get a 'could not be found' error because i don't have the file, even though i have grabbed the 'bonus-all-v11.zip', i don't see a 'gs' dir anywhere - do i need to pull one of the .as files from that zip and create these gs/utils dirs myself? sorry for being such a bubble head...


thanks, jodi

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Hmm, it looks like you're working with very old code. The "gs" package was changed to "com.greensock" quite a while ago. And LiquidStage was completely reworked a couple of months ago from the ground up. Send me a PM or e-mail if you're a club member who needs the legacy version, but the newer version is more full featured, faster, and robust. The API is different, though, so you can't just change your import statements and expect it all to work.


Are you working on an old project?

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