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change the global timeline duration without changing timescale

anotheruser test
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I have a timeline with two tweens

the two tweens are 8 seconds each and repeat is set to be -1 so that it is infinite


so the timeline's whole time is now showing as infinite . 

I want to set the timeline time to a specific amount without actually changing the timescale


timeline.set({}, {}, time); will work , it works only if the time is greater not lesser. how to actually achieve this?

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20 minutes ago, anotheruser said:

i want the progress to be 1 when we pause

So you want the timeline to jump to the end state?


Or after 10 seconds do you want the timeline to complete its current timeline and then pause at the end? For example, if a timeline takes 3 seconds to complete and you call the method at 10 seconds then it finishes its last repeat and ends at time 12.

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