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filereference error on rotate?

chunkdafunk test
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Hi there, just having a small problem using the transformManager (as3) and fileRefence. I have seen a another post about the same problem in the browser but this is in the flash cs4 ide?


the image imports fine, is added fine and I am able to scale etc, but once I make it large and then rotate it flies out of the constrain area and is lost?


any help would be cool.


Ps, class is kick ass.





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Hi man, sorry about that I have the latest version I only purchased last week!


I think it is an issue with UIloader, Im using it within fileReference loading in a local image (fp10) I have tested fine with other images (loaded from server) so I think I have narrowed it down to the UILoader component.


I will make a small demo asap and post up. Im also looking at an alternative route other than the UILoader.


Thanks for the speedy reply.



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yeah thought so!.... do you know is the only way to use the filerefence (load image from local/desktop) is through the UILoader? Ive tried it with just a normal loader and I get issues? (in the IDE cs4, not with TM)


Thanks for checking the file too!



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