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Dispatching events on hours

Pepijn test
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Hey, I came across this project because I've been trying to figure out for weeks how I could make something that looks like this. https://gyazo.com/a7f0273e778ee71b7b8f6e72b1c4ea34


This is basically a timeline player, with 'update events' at specific times. This is clickable and can be paused.

Below that you see a playback representation based on the energy produced from solar panels.


This project is mainly for animations and I tried to make a timeline slider in d3.js, which was unsuccessful, I wondered if I am at the right place to start with this project. And whether it is suitable for making something like that. This is the only JS project I found with something like a daterange slider , with playback functionality

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Hey Pepijn and welcome to the GreenSock forums! I don't really understand what question you're asking. It's also unclear what the end goal is. 


GSAP provides a timeline functionality that you can use to create a set animation with update events at specific times and is pause-able. I'm not understanding how d3 fits into the picture...


Can you please try to add more clarity?

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