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AutoFitArea should honor masks

trispo test
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Hi Jack,


when using masked display objects in an AutoFitArea it obviously does not recognize the "visible" width and height of that object. I think you can easily provide such a feature. Colin Moock has published methods which you could use:




I hope you will give us the option to use visible widths and heights.




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Did you realize that using that technique is literally 1000 times slower and it's not as accurate with objects that aren't masked? That's a HUGE cost in terms of performance and I'm not willing to impose that on everyone just so that masked objects could be used in AutoFitArea. I would also need to make adjustments when setting the object's width/height properties that would be rather cumbersome. Feel free to extend the class and override the necessary methods to accommodate your needs, though.


I'll keep your suggestion in mind for future revisions, but I'm not seeing an elegant solution at this point.

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Okay, I just posted an update to AutoFitArea that adds a new "calculateVisible" parameter that should accommodate masked content pretty well. It's certainly a tricky dilemma to get around because of the way Flash reports bounds/widths/heights and it requires more processing, but the technique I implemented seems to get the job done. The extra processing only occurs for objects that have the "calculateVisible" flag set to true (it's false by default). Please take a peek and let me know if it works for you. The docs are updated too.



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