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How to tween object value in gsap 3?

svyar test
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    value: {
      total: 0
   gsap.to(this.value,1, {
     total: 1000

This contruction now not working.

Error:   Converting circular structure to JSON
    --> starting at object with constructor 'Object'
    |     property '_gsap' -> object with constructor 'GSCache'
    --- property 'target' closes the circle

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Hey svyar and welcome.


You can tween an object's properties by just referring to the object and setting the property value that you want to tween to:

const foo = {bar: 0};

gsap.to(foo, {bar: 1000});

Evidently whatever this is is not what you think it is ;) If this refers to that object it should animate, all else correct. 

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