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Disxt is looking for experienced dynamic creative developers

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Disxt is looking for experienced dynamic creative developers with:
  • Good communication skills
  • Good develop + animation skills 
  • Well experience with Dynamic ads and platforms like Google Studio / Weborama / Adform / Flashtalking / Google ads
  • Experienced with Greensock, 
  • Adobe Animate / Canvas 
  • Proficiency in JavaScript
  • Plus = experience with three.js library / SASS / CreateJS


About Disxt
We are DISXT, and we have boatloads of experience transforming brilliant offline creative concepts into campaigns that captivate and dazzle across all digital channels. We are specialists in working with off-line creative agencies and bringing their best concepts to digital life. We do not focus on one time used ads, but are building awesome dynamic ads that last.
We know the challenges of creating great digital advertising. Deadlines can be tight in any campaign. But merely rushing to meet them isn’t the answer. Our team is all about agility and an absolute insistence on quality—about zero tolerance for the mediocre. And that’s one way we can make campaigns burst into bloom.
We are located in Amsterdam (NL), Apeldoorn (NL) and New York (USA).
There is always an option to work abroad.
Get in contact with us, send an email to: joinus@disxt.com
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