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I am really not a developper, and I just want to modify an old Flash project,

it was done in Adobe Flash CS5.5 and Actionscript 3

At the time with this applications, The publishing of the FLA project (a kind of mp3 player...) was well and done, everything was working well.

it was created to work as a local standalone "application" (SWF) opened with Flash Player.app


Now, I managed to find Adobe Flash CS6 application (since Flash is dead now...)

And when I try to export or publish the animation

I got these error, and the Flash Player Debugger application crash (Then I have to force to quit the app)... :


VerifyError: Error #1053: Illegal override of onInitTween in com.greensock.plugins.TintPlugin.

ReferenceError: Error #1065: variable MainTimeline is not defined


I was thinking perhaps, it is caused by using a newer version of greensock AS3 ?

(but really don't know, and I didn't find the way to download previous AS3 versions)

I am using the recently downloaded Greensock AS3 version 12.1.5


Please is anyone able to help me ? with this minimal informations ?

if you need more info or copy of actionscript actions used in that projet, jusst tell me.


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Sorry to hear about the trouble, @keyman. Sounds like a nightmare. I haven't touched Flash in years - I'm afraid I can't be of much help, but it sounds like maybe you've got the wrong kind of ActionScript files or mis-matched versions. For example, if you've got a more recent version of TintPlugin and a really old version of TweenPlugin, that might explain things but I'm really not sure. If I were you, I'd probably just make sure I had the latest versions of everything. You should be able to get the Flash files from your Account Dashboard under "Downloads" (Archive AS3 | AS2). 


Good luck to you!

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OK Thanks you so much for your quick reply

I was desperate... with Flash killed and the 'new" actionscript 3.0 I was using, dying....

It looks like a joke...

added to this, I am more a graphic designer, than developer....



Yes I downloaded the latest version of Greensock AS3 (and AS2 for testing purpose) from your Github folder...


So I am sure to have the latest version of Greensock



What I WAS using at the time of the project, was probably a PREVIOUS version of Greensock AS3...


Do you think it possible, the publishing will work with a previous version of greensock-AS3

(and bugging with the latest greensock-AS3) ????


if so, IS there a way to download previous version of Greensock actionscript 3 ???



I am in the dark here,

so If you have a better idea...

or some help....

or suicide hotline, (I have got a big holes on  my green & blue socks.... and it sucks really GREEN !! (joke)



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I just found something strange (I think)

I can't find any reference of "onInitTween" when search in the all com/greensock/ folder (just downloaded from Github Greensock-AS3


But there is many reference when search in the "official" Greensock Javascript folder...


Is this normal ??


I am wondering now if the only (and latest) AS3 version from Github is really bug-free ???

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Just last thing...

From what I remember when I was working on this project,

I am sure I was using a different version of Greensock ActionScript 3

when downloading the Greensock-AS3, There was a docs or asdocs folder for documentation (not anymore)

and a Greensock.SWC version too

why we don't have any of these usefull files anymore ??


so much things can go wrong...

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3 hours ago, keyman said:

I am wondering now if the only (and latest) AS3 version from Github is really bug-free ???

Literally hundreds of thousands of people have hammered on those files and they've held up fantastically - I cannot imagine how there could possibly be such a blatant bug in the GreenSock files like that. I can almost guarantee that the problem you're running into has nothing to do with a problem in the GreenSock files themselves. It's very likely that you've either got mis-matched versions of files floating around your project or there's a publish setting that's incorrect (like...I dunno, trying to publish to AS3 but using AS2 files or vice-versa). The SWC file should be in the download zip that I told you how to get above. 


I just looked at the most recent files and they use _onInitTween(), so my guess is that you're using SUUUPER old files maybe? 

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If you read through to the end, you'll see that they had exactly the problem I suspected was happening in your case - using a really old (or mis-matched) version. Once they used all the latest files, it worked well. I can tell you for sure that with every iteration, GSAP improved and we actually FIXED bugs, so goign back to v11 or earlier opens you up to more problems actually. I definitely would NOT recommend that. And no, we do not offer those files anymore, sorry. I bet if you get the latest stuff installed properly on your system and make sure you're not using any old stuff, it'll work well. 

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how can I have mis-matched versions of greensock,

I have only downloaded the "official" AS 3 version from here  : https://github.com/greensock/GreenSock-AS3

then copied the com folder just near my FLA file...

What can go wrong ?

but I notice that there is different version number inside that download

TweenMax is version 12.1.5

but TintPlugin is version 12.01


anyway, that how it is, there is nothing I can do isn't ?


Perhaps trying with an older version would working since I already exported the FLA project back in 2011 or 2012

without any bug reported...



I don't even understand how it is possible...

anyway, thanks for trying Jack

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1 hour ago, keyman said:

TweenMax is version 12.1.5

but TintPlugin is version 12.01

Oh, that's totally normal. TintPlugin's version number doesn't change every time TweenMax's does. They're different files. 


It's very difficult for me to troubleshoot blind. If you truly have all the updated files and your FLA is pointing to those (sometimes people have their project set up to look elsewhere), I'm not sure what to say. My only other guesses are:

  • Maybe you've got an old .swc that your project is pulling in (?)
  • Maybe you're subloading a swf that was published with an older/newer version of GSAP, thus there are conflicts between versions? 
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Hey hey

Thank you so much Mr Greensock Jack !

You gave me the solution...

YES, I was subloading swf in my Scene... obviously those swfs was published long time ago.

and since it is almost only text  (but scrolling) that I didn't have to modify I didn't think about them,

so I just published once again with ActionScript 3 all my FLA and subloading SWFs


and it is working !!

Thanks for having take the time to help a poor dinosaur with the long time not supported middle-actionscript-age 3.0

Thanks for all your work


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